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tom davies bespoke
Bespoke, Be Stylish

Looking for a pair of eyeglasses that no one else has? Look no further than Eyecon for the opportunity to customize your own pair of bespoke eyewear with leading British designer, Tom Davies. Tom has revolutionized glasses by introducing frames expressly designed and handmade to suit a person’s face, skin tone, physical characteristics and lifestyle. The result? A made to measure eyewear handcrafted just for you.

fashion eyewear
Latest Design Collection

Choose the correct pair of eyewear for your style and personality.

Find out more on the latest trends and style insights here!

specialty lenses
Specialty Lenses

Eyecon offers the latest specialty lenses from reputable global lens suppliers to meet your specific requirements and lifestyle needs for all ages. Visit Eyecon for further consultation & recommendation by our optometrist.

contact lenses
Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are suitable for people of all ages who live an active lifestyle, from kids as young as 6 to people in their 90s.

As you get older and your vision changes there are many different contact lens options available to suit your eyesight needs. The full eye care service offered by Eyecon allows you to choose the way that works best for you.